Get Involved!

The success of our negotiations with the Board depends critically on the support received from our membership. It is very important for each FA member to become involved in the process to demonstrate your support and to help share in the responsibilities associated with the planning and execution of all job action activities. Many hands make light work. There is no job too small. So, we want to request that each of you seriously consider joining one of the JAC sub-committees or support their activities by volunteering for one of the many tasks that will need to be carried out.

A list of all current volunteers is being maintained HERE to provide an opportunity for the UPEIFA to publicly thank everyone that is offering their time and efforts to the cause.

We Need You!

Please consider volunteering in some capacity. Its what we need to ensure a successful bargaining process for each of us.

For more information on how you can help or to volunteer your name in some capacity, please send us a note via the following email link with the subject line I want to volunteer!.

Sign up by contacting the JAC. (put "I want to volunteer" in the subject line)

Join a sub-committee

Currently, the JAC sub-committees are actively seeking volunteers to help out in their activities. The following gives some idea of the types of things that need to be done. The lists are no way meant to be complete.

Membership Communications Committee

" ... establishes communications with the Faculty Association membership..."

• researching, writing and distributing articles on relevant topics
• collating a list of alternate contact info for all FA members
• helping to solicit feedback from membership
• responding to membership questions and concerns

External Communications Committee

" ... establishes communications with the media, general public, and the University community including students, staff and other campus unions..."

• collating a list of media contacts and deadlines for local media outlets
• researching, writing and distributing articles on relevant topics
• informing the university community about the issues
• informing the general public about the issues
• monitoring media stories for items regarding bargaining at UPEI

Strike Services Committee

" ... provides essential services and materials to support job action activities..."

• helping to set-up and run an off-campus strike headquarters
• helping to provide transportation during strike
• arranging for and ensuring the essential requirements are met for internet access, telephones, computers, communications, etc, at the strike headquarters
• providing food services to those on the picket line and at the strike headquarters
• providing picket line materials such as signs, leaflets, etc.
• organizing social functions

Picket Line Committee

" ... organizes and manages all aspects associated with picketing..."

• managing individual shifts on a picket line (picket line leaders)
• recording actions on picket lines (picket line monitors)
• walking the picket line