What is the Job Action Committee?

Terms of Reference

The Job Action Committee (JAC) is an ad-hoc committee of the Faculty Association Executive (FAE). As such, it is fully responsible to the FAE for the overall leadership, planning, coordination and execution of all job action activities, including strike action, that may be necessary to support the Negotiating Team in achieving an acceptable agreement once the collective bargaining process has commenced.

Activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • the JAC is mandated to prepare and propose a job action work plan and budget for approval by the FAE and to carry out all activities in accordance with it;

  • to recommend and coordinate all actions to be taken prior to a strike;

  • to coordinate and lead all strike-related activities;

  • to establish the systems for communications with the FAE, the Negotiating Team, the membership, other university groups, the media and the general public;

  • to assess membership support for job action activities and make appropriate recommendations to the FAE regarding any decisions to carry out the action;

  • to recommend membership eligibility for strike pay;

  • to recommend policy decisions to the FAE;

  • to recommend Chairs for any sub-committees proposed, and

  • to report regularly to the FAE on its activities.

Job Action Committee Organization Chart

Sub-Committee mandates

Membership Communications Committee

" ... establishes communications with the Faculty Association membership..."

External Communications Committee

" ... establishes communications with the media, general public, and the University community including students, staff and other campus unions..."

Strike Services Committee

" ... provides essential services and materials to support job action activities..."

Picket Line Committee

" ... organizes and manages all aspects associated with picketing..."