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March 22, 2004 Newletter # 6 (PDF file, 8 pages, 8.5"x11", 101 K)

The New Collective Agreement
• Call for nominations to the Executive, 2004-05
• UPEIFA Annual General Meeting, April 23rd
• Faculty Time, April 2nd
• Faculty Recognition and Awards Banquet, May 8th
• Faculty “Happy Hour” at the Wave
• UPEIFA stands in solidarity with other faculty associations
• CAUT Council Delegate Report

November 7, 2003 Newsletter # 5 (PDF file, 1 page, 8.5"x11", 100 K)

Special General Meeting of the UPEIFA
• Academic Planning Framework - an invitation

November 6, 2003 Newsletter # 4 (PDF file, 2 pages, 8.5"x11", 132 K)

• Button Campaign
• Report on bargaining
• A second bargaining unit for the UPEIFA

June 21, 2003 Newsletter (PDF file, 4 pages, 8.5"x14", 64K)

• Delegate Report from CAUT Council - Larry Hale
• Faculty Awards Banquet
• A new bargaining unit for the UPEI-FA
• Congratulations to the graduating class of 2003
• Ultimate frisbee challenge
• Associate members of the UPEI-FA
• Due adjustment
• What is happening with negotiations?

January 3, 2003 Newsletter (PDF file, 4 pages, 8.5"x14", 96 K)

• Letter from the President
• Delegate Report from CAUT Council - Larry Hale
• Faculty Awards
• Faculty Awards Banquet
• UPEIFA and UPEI acquire a new painting

November, 2002 Newletter (PDF file, 4 pages, 8.5"x11", 92 K)

Negotiations Update
Report on October Meeting & New Dues Structure
faculty Association Scholarship Program
UPEI-FA Goes to the CAUT Status of Women Conference

Faculty Association News Archive

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Call for Nominations for Scholarly Acheivement

Please read this document (PDF, 1 page, 58 K) that details the call for nominations for the Universities 2004-2005 Merit Awards for Scholarly Achievement.

Deadline for Appling for Your Course Release Is Today!

Get your applications for course relief in to your departmental chairs today. For more information see the article below.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Its That Time Again!

Barbaining for the next collective agreement is about to begin. Please fill out your UPEIFA bargaining survey that you received in your mailbox and return it as soon as possible.

We can't ask for what you want if you don't tell us your needs.

Return Bargaining Surveys Before Dec. 17

Dear Faculty Association Colleagues,

By now, each of you should have received through campus mail a UPEIFA Bargaining Survey package. Thanks to those of you who have already completed and returned it to the Association. If you have not done so already, please take the time this week to complete it and return it to the Association office by Friday December 17, 2004. If you have not received this package yet, please contact Susan Gallant (0438, [email protected]) in the Association office as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the survey or process, get in contact with me at 0495 or [email protected]


Wayne Peters
UPEIFA President

Apply for Your Course Release Now

Dear Faculty Association Colleagues,

I want to draw your attention to Section H-1 (Workload) of our Collective Agreement.

Article H1.4.1 defines the normal teaching workload at UPEI as 6 courses (18 contact hours) for Faculty Members (tenured, probationary or term appointments at Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor orLecturer ranks) in the Faculties of Arts, Education and Science and the Schools of Business and Nursing.

Article H1.5 (Teaching Workload Reductions for Scholarly Endeavours and University Service) provides for a pool of 75 course releases on an annual basis for Faculty Members in these academic units. These releases shall be made available first to Members in the first or second year of a probationary appointment as per Article H1.5.1 with the remainder being made available to all other Members as per H1.5.2. These articles do not apply to those Members in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The 2005-06 academic year will be the first year in which the full pool of 75 releases will be made available. For this current academic year (2004-05), only those course releases under Article H1.5.1 were assigned.

So, for September 2005, all Members, not otherwise eligible for course release under H1.5.1, shall be eligible to apply for up to 2 course releases per academic year as per Article H1.5.2. I want to encourage all Faculty Members in the affected academic units to review this section of the Collective Agreement and to make applications for these course releases as soon as possible.

Applications for these must be submitted to the Departmental Chair, or Dean where there is no Chair, by January 31, 2005.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
Wayne Peters UPEIFA President

Sessional Seniority Lists

Dear Faculty Association Colleagues,

This is just a reminder that the finalized Sessional Seniority Rosters have beenissued to the affected Departments/Faculties. I would encourage Members to review the information that pertains to each of you.

It should be noted that seniority is not calculated on a "per course" or "per Department" basis. Seniority is based on total experience gained across all courses taught. If a Member has teaching experience in more than one Department/Faculty reflected on the Sessional Roster, that Member should ensure that their entire teaching experience on the Roster is being considered by a Department/Faculty in any Sessional hiring for which the Member is being considered or has applied.

A reminder, once again, to all those Members teaching sessional courses to ensure that the 6% allowance in lieu of benefits is being applied to your contracts, where eligible under Article G1.14. This allowance is payable on all contracts after a Sessional has taught four courses, i.e., payable on the fifth and all subsequent sessional contracts. Note that courses taught prior to the effective date of May 1,2004 are to be included in the required count of four (4) courses.

Feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

Wayne Peters
UPEIFA President

Friday, October 15, 2004


Any association member interested in participating in any of the following workshops should contact Wayne Peters, UPEIFA President (0495, [email protected]) as soon as possible.

Individuals interested in working for the Association in either of the areas of Grievance Handling or Collective Bargaining must attend the appropriate workshop. The location of each workshop will be announced at a later time.

Upcoming Workshops

Friday, November 12, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm Saturday, November 13, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

For Executive members (the Association's frontline) and those interested in getting more active in the Association. Learn about the history and role of faculty associations and techniques for informing, representing and mobilizing the membership.

Wednesday, October 27, 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm Thursday, October 28, 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

An introduction to dealing with members' complaints regarding the interpretation, application, administration, operation or alleged violation of the Collective Agreement, and to determining whether filing a grievance is an appropriate option.

Tuesday, November 16, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Wednesday, November 17, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

An introduction to collective bargaining that allows participants to develop bargaining, language drafting and team work skills as well as to experience the dynamics of the negotiating table.

Monday, October 4, 2004

Urgent Call For Volunteers.

Finance Committee
Communications Committee
Awards and Scholarship Committee
Constitution and Bylaw Review Committee

At a recent General Meeting of the Faculty Association, two new standing committees of the Executive were created - the Finance Committee and the Communications Committee. The Executive is seeking the names of individuals who are interested in being on either of these Committees. As per Article 3.2 of our Bylaws, the names of interested individuals will be taken forward for election at a General Meeting of the Association.

Additionally, the Executive is creating two ad hoc committees of the Executive - the Awards and Scholarship Committee and the Constitution and Bylaw Review Committee. The Executive is also seeking the names of individuals interested in participating on either of these Committees.

Anyone interested in participating on any of these Committees should forward their names to Wayne Peters, UPEIFA President ([email protected], 0495) as soon as possible.

The general purpose for each Committee follows:

Finance Committee: To oversee the Association's financial matters; and to propose the annual operating budget for the Association.

Communications Committee: To develop, recommend and execute strategies for the purpose of educating members and others regarding the activities of the Association; and soliciting input and feedback from members.

Awards and Scholarship Committee: To oversee Association awards and scholarships, including its faculty teaching and scholarly achievement awards.

Constitution and Bylaw Review Committee: To review the Association's Constitution and Bylaws as required and to recommend appropriate changes to the Executive.

Sessional Lecturer Benefits

This is a reminder to all Sessional Instructors regarding Article G1.14 of the Collective Agreement.

Effective May 1, 2004, all sessional instructors shall receive a 6% allowance in lieu of benefits ($3,800 + $228 = $4,028) on all sessional contracts after a Sessional has taught four (4) courses, i.e., payable on the fifth and all subsequent courses.

Courses taught prior to the effective date of May 1, 2004 are included in this count. Note that this Article does not apply to Members teaching overload courses or to other employees already on UPEI Group Benefits. Please review any contracts you currently have, or may have had since the effective date, and report any discrepancies immediately to Wayne Peters, UPEIFA President ([email protected], 0495).

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Session Seniority List

Important Notice to all Individuals affected by the Sessional Hiring Seniority List.

The Sessional Hiring Seniority List, required by Collective Agreement Article G1.5, has been completed. Effective September 27, 2004 and for a period of thirty (30) days, it is being posted within all Departments, or in the Dean's Office for non-departmentalized faculties, for the purpose of review by those individuals affected.

Please note that it is the responsibility of all individuals who may be affected by this list to ensure that the information contained within it is correct. Please review it and report any discrepancies to the Human Resources Department immediately. The list, revised as per any identified discrepancies, will be deemed correct at the end of the thirty (30) day period.

CAUT bargaining Workshop Postponed.

The CAUT Bargaining workshop originally scheduled for September 28-29 of this week will be re-scheduled.

New dates for both the Bargaining and Grievance Handling workshops will be announced soon. Remember: if you are interested in getting involved in either of these areas, please contact Wayne Peters ([email protected], 0495) as soon as possible.

Teaching Dossier Example

A sample teaching dossier has been placed on the resources page as an example for those faculty members preparing for tenure or promotion applications.

UPEIFA Collective Agreement Available

The collective agreement is available online on the Resources page.

This is the document that will most affect your lives as faculty members at UPEI. We recommend that members read it and refer to it whenever needed. If you see areas that you feel need improvement please contact the UPEIFA.

September 17, 2004

General Meeting

There will be a general meeting of the UPEIFA on Thursday September 23 at 4 PM,
AVC lecture theatre A.

Notice of Motions for the General Meeting

The list of motion for the general meeting is now available. Read the motions here.

Be sure to attend this important meeting

Friday, September 10, 2004

Founders' Day Student/Faculty Bar-B-Q

Wayne Peters has posted a message inviting us all to the Founders' Day Student/Faculty Bar-B-Q to start your year. Please read it here.

CAUT Bargaining Workshop

CAUT Bargaining Workshop, Sept 28 and 29, UPEI (location to be determined). Workshop leader Neil Tudiver, Chief Negotiator for CAUT. This important workshop will prepare participants to fill various roles in the negotiations process. Interested members of Bargaining Units 1 and 2 are encouraged to attend. Contact Wayne Paters ([email protected]) for more information or to register.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Important Election Information!

The Canadian Association of University Teachers has provided material for us all to consider in the upcoming election. Go to the UPEIFA Federal Election page for more information. Thanks to Dr. Shannon Murray for putting it together.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Greetings From the New Executive

We encourage you to familiarize yourselves with the new executive elected at the Anual general Meeting. The list of names and contact information is available on the Resources page.

Greetings from the President of the UPEIFA

Read the message from the new UPEIFA president, Dr. Wayne Peters.

June 15, 2004

Newsletter #7 Released

Read the latest newsletter on the News page

Delegate's Report on 56th CAUT Meeting

Read the report on the 56th CAUT meeting written by Wayne Peter's, who was our delegate to this important event. The report is found on the news page.

Monday, March 22, 2004

News Letter #6 Released

Read the latest new about your new collective agreement and the upcoming Faculty Association general Meeting.

Support your faculty association and consider participating in one of the committees outlined in the newletter

March 22, 2004 Newletter # 6 (PDF file, 8 pages, 8.5"x11", 101 K)

The New Collective Agreement

• Tenure and Promotion procedures
• Member involvement: Making the Collective Agreement work

• FA/Board Joint Committee
• Group insurance working committee
• Questions committee
• Veterinary Teaching Hospital Management Committee
• Sessional Seniority Committee
• Occupational Health and Safety Committee
• University Review Committee

• Retroactive pay

• Call for nominations to the Executive, 2004-05
• UPEIFA Annual General Meeting, April 23rd
• Faculty Time, April 2nd
• Faculty Recognition and Awards Banquet, May 8th
• Faculty “Happy Hour” at the Wave
• UPEIFA stands in solidarity with other faculty associations
• CAUT Council Delegate Report


Nominations to the executive committee can be submitted to the Returning Officer; Dr. Lothar Zimmerman, Department of Modern Languages by April 22.

Friday, March 12th, 2004

Contract signing Today

The UPEI Faculty Association and the Board of Governors will be signing their first Collective Agreement in a ceremony this Friday, March 12 at 2:00 pm in the Faculty Lounge of the Main Building. All are welcome to attend this historic event, which will be followed by refreshments.

Come join the celebration. And don't forget to wear your button.

Friday, February 13th, 2004

Tentative Agreement Reached!

The tentative collective agreement for Bargaining Unit #1 (faculty, librarians, sessionals, clinical nursing instructors) has been ratified by the membership.

Of those members casting a ballot, 88% voted in favour of the agreement.

Friday, February 6, 2004

Call For Nomination:
Merit Award For Scholarly Achievement

The UPEI Faculty Association invites nominations of candidates for
the University's 2003- 2004 Merit Awards for Scholarly Achievement.

These prestigious awards consist of a cash prize of $500 and a plaque. There are three awards, one in each of the following categories:

1. Arts, Business, and Education
2. Science and Nursing
3. Atlantic Veterinary College

For these awards, there should be clear evidence of significant achievements, and continuing productivity in research and scholarship. Criteria include publication of work and recognition by peers, indicating national or international impact of the scholar's work.

Nomination may be made by any member of the university faculty, including the nominee. Only full-time faculty are eligible for the awards. A candidate's standard file will include a letter of nomination of not more than 500 words outlining the rationale for the nomination, an up-to- date curriculum vitae and samples of important research publications.

The deadline for receipt of complete file is March 5th, 2004.

All faculty members, including chairs and deans are strongly encouraged to consider making a nomination, so that UPEI's outstanding scholars will receive the recognition they deserve.

Previous winners of the Scholarly Achievement Award are not eligible for nomination for five years after their previous award.

Please direct nominations or enquiries to the Chair of the selection committee, Fred Kibenge, (Department of Pathology and Microbiology).

January 26, 2004

Nominations for the Hessian Hessian Awards
for Excellence in Teaching

Students, Faculty and Alumni are invited to submit nominations for the Hessian Awards for Excellence in Teaching. The awards are open to all University faculty members.

The deadline for nominations is noon, Friday, February 13, 2004.

Information about the awards and nomination forms are available at the Faculty Association Office (Main Bldg. Room #214).

November 7, 2003

Notice of Special General Meeting

All members of the UPEIFA within Bargaining Unit #1 (Faculty, Librarians, Sessionals, Clinical Nursing Instructors) are asked to attend a special meeting on the evening of Wednesday, November 12th, at 6:00 in the Duffy Amphitheatre (Duffy 121). This meeting has been called in order to inform the membership about the package of proposals on salaries and benefits that the FA intends to submit to the Administration very soon.

More information is available in Newletter #5

It is vital that, as we proceed toward the conclusion of a first collective agreement, the membership of the FA remain informed and empowered. This is your opportunity to hear first hand of the important outstanding issues, and to provide the negotiating team and executive with your thoughts and opinions.

Plan to attend!

April 17, 2003


The general meeting will be held Wednesday, April 23rd, at 10:00 am in KCI-104. The agenda is available here.

March 20, 2003

The following important dates have been announced...

Faculty Association Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m.

The Annual General Meeting is called in April to receive reports of the various committees of the Association, approve the budget for the upcoming year, consider amendments to the constitution and by- laws of the Association, and to elect a new executive.

Details on the agenda, on the nominations process, and supporting documents will follow in the next few days. The meeting will be held in KCI 104.

Faculty Recognition and Awards Banquet

Saturday, May 10 in the evening

This year, the Faculty Recognition and Awards Banquet will be held in the evening of the day of Convocation. After we have celebrated the accomplishments of our students, we can celebrate our own accomplishments as scholars and teachers.

Among those to be honoured will be the winners of the Hessian Teaching Awards, the Scholarly Achievement awards, members who are retiring, and members who have served UPEI for 25 years.

This will be a night to remember. The location and ticket prices are still to be determined, and will be announced just as soon as possible. Please make plans to attend.

March 6, 2003

The most recent circulated newsletter and negotiations bulletins are now available on the News Page.

March 5, 2003

The UPEI faculty Association website has been redesigned. We hope the new format will be clear and easy to use for all faculty. If you have any suggestions about the website please contact Dr. Barry Linkletter at [email protected]

Check this Breaking News section of the home page often for the latest information that we wish to communicate to the faculty.

News of importance to the faculty will be posted on the News Page.
Just click the "news" button at the top of the page. Recent circulated newsletters and negotiations bulletins will be accessible from this page along with any other recent news or announcements.

Events Sponsored by the UPEI Faculty Association will be featured on the Events Page.

Resources and important general information for the faculty will be accessible from the Resources Page. This includes contact information for your executive and links o the UPEI Faculty Handbook and UPEI-FA constitution.

Archives: Older news and events information will be collected in the Archives Pages so that you can refer to them if need be. This include older circulated newsletters and negotiations bulletins.


Faculty Association Events Archive

October 22, 2002

Tip-to-tip challenge for scholarships

The first annual Tip-to-Tip Challenge in support of the UPEI-FA Scholarship fund was held on Friday, October 18th and Saturday, October 19th. Thirty people ran, walked, biked, and motorcycled across PEI to raise nearly $2,000 (and counting) toward this important program.

Many, many thanks to Dr. Shannon Murray of the English Department and her team of organizers for the splendid work they did in organizing this event.

Names and photographs of participants can be found on the Tip-to-tip challenge report page.