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Post-secondary Education and the 2004 Federal Election

This will be a pivotal election for universities and colleges.

Federal Election: Monday, June 28, 2004

As we are all aware, a Federal Election will be held on Monday, June 28, 2004. The President of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), Loretta Czernis, has said that “This will be a pivotal election for universities and colleges.” In response, CAUT is requesting that all local faculty associations get involved to ensure that all candidates hear a common message during this election campaign about the state of post-secondary education in the country.

 Goals of CAUT’s non-partisan election strategy

• To build local and national alliances so that we can raise public awareness about the challenges facing universities and colleges in Canada

• To present its solutions to these challenges.

It is important that political party candidates recognize post-secondary education issues as extremely important and that they be kept on the political agenda.


Check out the following documents for background information on the issues:

Suggestions on how to support CAUT’s goals (PDF, 9 pages, 236 K)

Sample questions for candidates  (PDF, 1 page,86 K)

Fact sheets on post-secondary education challenges  (PDF, 9 pages, 236 K)

CAUT’s proposed Post-Secondary Education Act (PDF, 9 pages, 236 K)  

The Faculty Association strongly encourages all members to engage the federal election campaign candidates in discussions regarding the challenges facing post-secondary education on PEI and across the country.

During an election campaign, each telephone call or email received by a candidate is logged by issue - the more calls or emails received on a particular issue, the more likely the candidate will see the issue as a priority.

So, make a phone call or send an email to the candidates; all of the candidates across the Island, that is, not just those in the Charlottetown riding.

Log your concerns.

For links to the websites and contact info of PEI’s election candidates, go to:


Contact Your Candidates!

We also have a contact list for the candiates.

Candate Contact List (PDF, 2 pages, 116 K)

Let’s get involved and make a difference.

As a final note, be sure you are registered to vote and you exercise your right to do so!

Want to confirm that you are registered? Especially if you are a new voter in a federal election or if you have moved since the last federal election?

Call 1-866-204-7833