Thanks to the Volunteers!

The Faculty Association would like to publicly express its gratitude to the many volunteers that continue to make this effort a success. It fully realizes the extent of your commitment and dedication and also acknowledges the incredible number of hours that it represents. Of course, in addition to the volunteers, the work of Susan Gallant must be acknowledged for the great work as office manager.

On this page, we will maintain a list of those individuals who have volunteered to give their time to the Faculty Association to allow them to be publicly acknowledged and thanked. Please forgive us if we have missed your name. Rather, please contact us immediately to let us know so that we can get your name on the list.

The many volunteers...

Larry Hale

Dave Seeler

Shannon Fitzpatrick

Thomy Nilsson

Laurie McDuffee

Norine Hanus

Glenda Wright

Jim Sentance

Tony Couture

Doug Dahn

Cathy Callaghan

Wayne Peters

Kathy Gottschall-Pass

Gordon MacDonald

Susan Dohoo

Marva Sweeney-Nixon

Brent MacLaine

Chris Lacroix
Bob O’Rourke
Lisa Chilton
Barry Linkletter
Wilmal Rankaduwa
Miles Turnbull
Andrew Trivett
Wendy Shilton
Debbie Maclellan
Judi Lynn Richards
Betty Jeffery
Ken Sulston
Stephen Howard
Lothar Zimmerman
Greg Irvine
Pamela Courtney-Hall
Derek Lawther
Fiona Papps

Joe Velaidum
Barb Campbell

Kelley Wright
Sue Dawson
Barb Horney
Roger Black

Alastair Cribb

Art Ortenburger

Sharon Neill

Ann Braithwaite

Lori Weeks

Jennifer Taylor

Ian Dohoo

James Polson

Jane Magrath

Ray Doiron

James Moran

Colleen MacQuarrie

Fran Gray

Anne Furlong
Fiona O'Donoghue
Sandy McAuley
Susannah Walker
Don MacEwen