December 11, 2003

Dear Faculty Association Colleagues;

Following the appointment of a conciliator on November 27, the UPEIFA and Board teams returned to the table on December 8 to exchange language on ALL outstanding issues to get as close as possible on positions before conciliation starts next week. As per Negotiations Bulletin # 10, they also agreed to co- operate with the conciliator to assure that conciliation proceeds as soon as possible; and to respect the process by refraining from making further public comment on the renewed discussions until early January.

During the next while, I strongly encourage each of you to visit the Job Action Committee (JAC) website at for up-to-date information and resources regarding negotiations. Most recently, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been posted regarding the process thus far. Also, a number of letters of support from faculty members in various departments have been gratefully received by the UPEIFA and have been posted for your viewing.

As we move forward, we hope for the the best. Nevertheless, the JAC will be presenting additional information regarding issues of importance to all of us in the event that strike action becomes necessary. These issues will include such things as expectations of faculty members and other groups; strike pay and financial obligations of members; essential and critical services during a strike; continuation of health benefits, long term disability and life insurance for members; expectations of sabbatical members; as well as many other issues.

Again, I encourage each of you to visit the JAC website often and watch your mailbox and email for further such information. I also encourage you to talk to your Communication Representative if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to pass on any feedback to the JAC or the Executive.

In closing, wear your UPEIFA buttons with pride as you carry on your daily routine.


Wayne Peters, JAC Chair

[email protected], 566-0495