The UPEI Tip-To-Tip Challenge - Registration

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Please sign the waiver printed below and send your registration form and the fee of $25 to

Shannon Murray, English Department

by September 27. Make cheques payable to "UPEI: FA Scholarship," please. All on-time registrants will receive a Long-sleeved Relay T-Shirt and a reception ticket.

Athletes' Release and Waiver:

In consideration of you permitting me to participate in this event, I hereby, for myself, executors, administration and personal representatives, the Organizers of this event, UPEI, their agents and volunteers and the event sponsors from all liability, and I waive, as against the organizers, agents, volunteers and sponsors, all claims of any kind whatsoever that I might have for the personal injuries or property losses suffered by participation in this event. I certify that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in this event and I am physically fit and able to participate.

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The UPEI Tip-To-Tip Challenge

From October 18 at noon until Occtober 19 at 6, UPEI's Faculty, Staff, alumni, students, and friends are invited to participate in a biking, walking, and running relay; we'll cover the Island from tip to tip to raise money for the FA Scholarships. We also want to promote good health and fun as we bring the campus to our community

What is the route?

Do we run or walk the whole trail?

Who can participate?

What do participants do?

How do we sign up?

What does the registration cover?